Pet Cat Breeds

There are many different pet cat breeds with each cat breed varying in size, shape and temperament. Check out our list of cat breeds linked to their breed profile with picture.

The Governing Council Of Cat Fancy in the UK recognises over 30 distinct breeds of cat and distinct colours within each cat breed.  However, there are also cat breeds that are not recognised by the Governing Council Of Cat Fancy due to them not being generally available or established within the UK, their tendency to hereditary deformities, similarity to existing recognised breeds, etc.

Abyssinian Cat

Balinese Cat

Bengal Cat

British Shorthair Cat

Burmese Cat

Cornish Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat

Maine Coon Cat

Ragdoll Cat

Siamese Cat

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i have bsh kittens looking for their forever homes there are two silver tipped whiskers kittens and golden tipped kittens i have both boys and girls ...
This special, little boy was born on 28 February 2017. He is very affectionate and very cuddly with others.

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