• Scientific Classification Of Pet Dogs
    Scientific Classification Of Pet Dogs
    The domestic dog (Canis familiaris) is a member of the Canidae family.  View its full scientific classification within the mammalia class.
  • History Of Dogs
    History Of Dogs

    The dog has been used by humans for many years for hunting, protection and working with livestock.  Read the history of how the dog came to be a popular pet.

  • Vital Signs And Biological Facts About The Pet Dog
    Vital Signs And Biological Facts About The Pet Dog
    This quick reference details the normal vital signs of a pet dog along with some facts about dog anatomy.
  • Pet Dog Behaviour
    Pet Dog Behaviour
    Pet dogs behave similarly to their wild ancesters. Read about dog behaviour in the wild and how it compares to their behaviour in captivity.
  • Dog Equipment
    Dog Equipment
    There are various items of equipment that will be needed for a dog as well as many optional items that can be considered.
  • Feeding Dogs
    Feeding Dogs

    In order for a dog to remain healthy a dog must eat a balanced diet of protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals.

  • Dog Health
    Dog Health

    Check out the normal vital signs for a dog along with details of illnesses and diseases that dogs can suffer from.

  • Dog Illnesses & Diseases
    Dog Illnesses & Diseases

    Read about dog health and illnesses.

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