Monday, 14 March 2016 06:13

National Office Of Animal Health (NOAH) Launches Competition In Search Of Animals With A Spring In Their Step

As part of its mission to celebrate healthy, happy pets and through the website, to encourage owners to seek expert advice on pet healthcare, NOAH is launching a new competition to celebrate pets all over Britain with a ‘Spring in their step’.

The campaign is part of NOAH’s ‘Happy, Healthy Pets Project’, designed to build the biggest picture of the UK’s happy, healthy pets.

Pet owners up and down the country are being encouraged to celebrate the importance of pet wellbeing by sharing photos of their pets embracing the spring. Whether they’re taking advantage of the longer days by taking a long walk, or if they are becoming more playful and have that cheeky look in their eye, NOAH is calling on owners to share the best pictures showing how their pets are keeping a spring in their step. The campaign is part of the Happy, Healthy Pets project which is designed to build the biggest picture of the UK’s happy, healthy pets. One lucky winner will receive a £125 voucher for pet treats and supplies.

The competition is part of NOAH’s ongoing ‘I Heart My Pet’ campaign – designed to celebrate the love that UK pet owners feel for their animals and, through the website, to encourage them to think about the health of their pets and seek independent, expert animal healthcare advice.

Through the act of snapping and sharing a photograph of their pet with a spring in his or her step, NOAH hopes to highlight the importance of keeping pets happy and healthy all year round and paying close attention to their seasonal healthcare needs.

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard comments:

“Spring is traditionally a time of year when we all come out of ‘hibernation’ as we start to leave the winter weather behind. The competition is all about celebrating how much our pets, just like us, enjoy the change of season, as well as emphasising the importance of pet healthcare all year round to help maintain a spring in your pet’s step.

Spring is a great time to focus on many of your pet’s key healthcare needs – from ensuring that their level of exercise is appropriate to checking their diet is meeting correct nutrition requirements, as well as keeping them well-groomed to ensure they stay healthy and comfortable throughout the coming months. Through this latest competition we really want to champion the importance of pet wellbeing not just in spring but all year round.

For more information or to submit photos to the gallery, simply visit

Entries uploaded by Monday 21st March, 2016 will be eligible to win a £125 voucher for pet supplies and treats (terms and conditions apply). Entrants must ensure they click the pink competition tick-box when uploading their photos.