Rabbit Species

There are over 50 species of rabbit.  Check out our list of rabbit species with their common, scientific and any alternative names.

Common Name

Scientific Name

Alternative Names

European Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

Domestic Rabbit, Pet Rabbit

African Savanna Hare

Lepus victoriae


Alaskan Hare

Lepus othus

Tundra Hare, Beringian Hare

Amami Rabbit

Pentalagus furnessi


Antelope Jackrabbit

Lepus alleni


Arctic Hare

Lepus arcticus


Black Jackrabbit

Lepus insularis


Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Lepus californicus


Broom Hare

Lepus castroviejoi


Brush Rabbit

Sylvilagus bachmani


Bunyoro Rabbit

Poelagus marjorita


Burmese Hare

Lepus pequensis


Brown Hare

Lepus capensis


Chinese Hare

Lepus sinensis


Corsican Hare

Lepus corsicanus


Desert Cottontail

Sylvilagus audubonii

Audubon's Cottontail

Dice's Cottontail

Sylvilagus dicei


Eastern Cottontail

Sylvilagus floridanus


Ethiopean Hare

Lepus fagani

Abyssinian Hare

Ethiopean Highland Hare

Lepus starcki


European Hare

Lepus europaeus


Granada Hare

Lepus granatensis


Hainan Hare

Lepus hainanus


Hispid Hare

Caprolagus hispidus


Indian Hare

Lepus nigricollis


Jameson's Red Rock Hare

Pronolagus randensis


Japanese Hare

Lepus bracyurus


Korean Hare

Lepus coreanus


Marsh Rabbit

Sylvilagus palustris


Mexican Cottontail

Sylvilagus cunicularius


Mountain Cottontail

Sylvilagus nuttallii


Mountain Hare

Lepus timidus


Natal Red Rock Hare

Pronolagus crassicaudatus


New England Cottontail

Sylvilagus transitionalis

Wood Rabbit

Omilteme Cottontail

Sylvilagus insonus


Pygmy Rabbit

Brachylagus idahoensis


Riverine Rabbit

Bunolagus monticularis


San Jose Brush Rabbit

Sylvilagus mansuetus


Scrub Hare

Lepus saxatilis


Smith's Red Rock Hare

Pronolagus rupestris


Sumatra Short Eared Rabbit

Nesolagus netscheri


Snowshoe Hare

Lepus americanus


Swamp Rabbit

Sylvilagus aquaticus

Water Rabbit


Sylvilagus brasiliensis


Tehuantepec Jackrabbit

Lepus flavigularis


Tolai Hare

Lepus tolai


Tres Marias Cottontail

Sylvilagus graysoni


Volcano Rabbit

Romerolagus diazi


White-sided Jackrabbit

Lepus callotis


White-tailed Jackrabbit

Lepus townsendii


Woolly Hare

Lepus oiostolus


Yarkand Hare

Lepus yarkandensis


Yunnan Hare

Lepus comus

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