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All Bach, No Bite! Softie Staffie With An Ear For Classical Music Looks For New Home

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier with an ear for classical music is on the lookout for new owners with a difference - they need to enjoy a bit of Bach from time to time.

Acorn Poisoning Warning Issued To Dog Owners

Acorns fall from oak trees between September and November and are an important source of food for many birds and some mammals but for many animals - including our beloved dogs they are extremely poisonous and the RSPCA urges dog owners to be aware of the signs and symptoms of acorn poisoning.

RSPCA Rescue Staffie Turned Police Dog Is A Real Animal Hero

Stella the Staffie, a former unwanted stray taken in by the RSPCA and turned into a super sniffer dog has been presented with The Public Service Animal of the Year at the Animal Hero Awards.

Soaring Cost Of Sickly Puppies As People Buy Mail Order Puppies Online

Almost half of dog owners are spending more on vets’ fees than they had accounted for, as more than one in four people (27 percent) say that they suspect that their puppy came from a cruel puppy farm.

Blind Springer Spaniel Searching For Perfect Match

A blind dog who was tied to a pallet of bricks and left to die is searching for a very special new home.

Jail Sentences For Gang Selling Sick Puppies To Broken-Hearted Families

Members of an organised gang who are estimated to have made more than £8,000 a week selling sick, diseased and dying puppies have been jailed after one of the RSPCA’s biggest ever investigations into the puppy trade.

Abused Dog Gets New Chance At Happiness After Owner Dies Following Drug Use

Scooby, a Terrier cross dog, has found a new home following the death of his owner, who died following drug use and left Scooby in a very distressed state and prone to aggressive behaviour.

Aljeana Baddley Reveals Dog Agility Helped Her To Cope With Her Mother’s Dementia

Aljeana Baddley from Buerton, Cheshire has revealed how competing in agility with her dogs helped her through some tough times after her mother was taken ill with dementia.

Could Dogs Be The Boost British Tourism Needs?

The UK tourism industry is losing out on wealthy holiday makers, as more than three quarter of the UK’s highest earning dog-owners say they holiday abroad because there are not enough dog friendly options.

Man Battles Through Painful Uncommon Neurological Disorder To Compete At World’s Largest Agility Event

Mark Leybourne from Darlington, County Durham has been helped through his battle with Parsonage Turner Syndrome thanks to his love of agility and his dog Ems, a Working Sheepdog.

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