Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex cat is an elegant cat with a soft wavy coat.    Read more about the Devon Rex Cat in our breed profile.

History of the Devon Rex Cat

The first Devon Rex cat, Kirlee, was produced by a stray cat and sired by a rex coated feral male in 1960 in Devon, UK. Kirlee was owned by Beryl Cox but sent to Brian Stirling-Web who at the time was trying to trace Cornish Rex Cats to establish the breed. However when Stirling-Web mated Kirlee with Cornish Rex cats it became clear that Kirlee was a separate rex mutation and Stirling-Web set about establishing the Devon Rex breed.

In 1967 the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the UK recognised the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex as two distinct cat breeds allowing them to be shown in competition.

The first Devon Rex cat was imported into the USA in 1968 by Marian White of Texas and in 1979 the Cat Fancier's Association of the USA recognised the Devon Rex as a cat breed eligible for championship competition.

Appearance of the Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex cat has a small head with prominent cheekbones and short muzzle. The ears of the Devon Rex cat are large and low-set and the eyes are large, set wide apart and oval. The body of the Devon Rex cat is slender and muscular with a broad chest. The coat is soft and wavy and can be a variety of colours.

Size of the Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex is a medium sized cat.

Character of the Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex Cat is alert, inquisitive, active, playful and affectionate - enjoying human company following its owner from room to room. Devon Rex cats love to play but are most happy curled on their owner's lap.

Lifespan Of The Devon Rex Cat

The Lifespan of the Devon Rex cat is 9-15 years.

Requirements of the Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex cats have no special requirements.

Inherited Diseases of the Devon Rex Cat

Although most Devon Rex cats are healthy, hereditary diseases that are known to appear in the breed are hypotrichosis (hereditary baldness) and patellar luxation (dislocation or slipping kneecap).

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