The Cost Of Keeping A Cat

Before buying a cat it is important to consider how much it costs to keep a cat so check out our guide to the average costs involved in owning cat.


When buying a cat or kitten it will be necessary to purchase equipment such as cat bed, toys, litter tray, collar, scratching post, etc and this can cost up to £200.


The cost of cat food will vary according to the size of the cat and whether a complete dry cat food or tinned meat and biscuits is fed but cat food will cost approximately £15-£20 per month.

Cat Litter

The amount of cat litter needed will vary depending on how much of the time the cat spends indoors but will cost approximately £5-£10 a month.


A cat will require routine worming treatments and this can cost £10-£15 every 3 months.

Flea Treatment

A cat will require regular flea treatments and this can cost around £5 per month.

Vets Fees And Insurance

A young kitten needs to be vaccinated against cat flu, feline entiritis and feline leukaemia and these vaccinations can cost around £60-£80 initially and then the cat will require annual boosters at a cost of £40-£50.

Medical costs if the cat or kitten becomes ill or suffers an accident can be costly but these costs can be covered by taking out pet insurance.  Pet insurance to cover a cat can cost £6-£15 per month.


Spaying or neutering a cat can cost £40-£50.


Microchipping a cat can cost £15-£20.


Although the main regular costs of keeping a cat are listed above there are always unexpected costs that occur. In addition it is often necessary to purchase medical products for minor cuts, shampoos, replace equipment, etc. All such costs can mount up over a year and add to the cost of owning a cat. Therefore it is always best to factor in an additional cost of £200-£500 each year for extras when working out whether keeping a cat can be afforded.


The table below gives a summary of the average annual costs involved in keeping a cat.


One-Off Cost

Annual Costs













Cat Litter






Flea Treatment



Vet's Fees












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