Diabetes is an incurable condition in which the cat's body cannot control blood sugar levels. Check out our guide to the symptoms, treatment and prevention of diabetes in cats.

About Diabetes In Cats

Diabetes in cats is increasing and is most often seen in cats over 7 years old. Two types of Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) exist: Type 1 where there is an insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas and Type 2 where cells give an inadequate response to insulin.

Diabetes can be inherited from parents and environmental factors such as viral infections, obesity, can also contribute to diabetes.

Symptoms Of Diabetes In Cats

The symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst and urination, dehydration, muscle wastage, jaundice, poor coat condition and change in apetite.

Treatment Of Diabetes In Cats

Type 1 diabetes can be controlled via insulin injections. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by a low carbohydrate diet and may also require hypoglycaemic drugs.

Prevention Of Diabetes In Cats

Diabetes is best prevented by not breeding from diabetic cats, ensuring that cats do not become overweight and avoiding feeding food and treats that contain high amounts of sugar.

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