Dog Care

Dog Care

Proper care will go a long way to ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy.  Here you can find information about caring for dogs including equipment needed, what to feed, routine care needed, training dogs, and information about illnesses and diseases that can dogs can suffer from.

Abscesses can occur in dogs when a bite or wound closes over and becomes infected and pus forms under the skin resulting in a swelling.
Fleas are small, black blood-sucking insects and one of the most common parasites found on dogs.
Diabetes is an incurable condition in which the body cannot control blood sugar levels.
Canine influenza or dog flu originated in horses and is a highly infectious virus.

Theobromine poisoning occurs when a dog consumes chocolate resulting in the chemical theobromine building up to toxic levels in the dog's system.  Read about chocolate poisoning in dogs.

There are various items of equipment that will be needed for a dog as well as many optional items that can be considered.

Thousands of dogs are stolen each year for breeding, sale or ransom so check out our advice to help prevent your dog from being stolen.

In order for a dog to remain healthy a dog must eat a balanced diet of protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals.

The amount of grooming a dog requires will depend to some extent on its type of coat.

Check out the normal vital signs for a dog along with details of illnesses and diseases that dogs can suffer from.