Thursday, 11 June 2015 07:49

Special Home Sought For Blind Rabbit

The Scottish SPCA has launched an appeal to find a new home for a blind bunny.

Staff at the Scottish SPCA's animal rescue and rehoming centre in Ayr are caring for the 10 month old rabbit named Yang.

Centre manager Marion Hainey said, "Yang came to us when her owner could no longer care for her and sadly shortly afterwards a vet diagnosed her as being completely blind.

"Despite this she can still get around quite well and likes exploring her surroundings.

"Yang is a curious girl who seems interested in the other rabbits in our care so she may like a companion in her new home.

"She is slowly becoming more comfortable with being handled but a very gentle approach is needed as she can get a fright when picked up. Due to this she would be best suited a home without young children.

"Yang has a lovely character and in the right home there's no reason she can't enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.

"We would be delighted to hear from anyone who feels they can give Yang the love and care she needs."

Those interested in Yang are asked to contact our centre in Mainholm, Ayr, on 03000 999 999.

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