Considerations Prior To Buying A Rabbit

Before buying a pet rabbit, as well as the costs involved, it is important to ensure that it will be given the time and attention it requires so check out this guide to the needs of a pet rabbit.

Taking on any pet requires a commitment to provide proper care for it during its life and in the case of rabbits this can be for 5-10 years or longer.

A child cannot be expected to provide all the care and finances required to keep a pet rabbit, particularly if the rabbit requires veterinary treatment, so it is important if buying a rabbit for a child that an adult member of the family is prepared to share the commitment of owning and caring for the rabbit.

A rabbit will require:

  • Feeding - twice daily
  • Refreshing water bottle - daily
  • Interaction and companionship - particularly if kept on its own - daily
  • Grooming - daily for long haired rabbits, weekly for short haired rabbits
  • Cleaning of its hutch or cage - at least once a week

In addition a rabbit may require veterinary treatment if the rabbit becomes ill which in addition to being costly can also require additional care and time eg cleaning wounds, administering medicines, regular vet visits, etc.

Some pet insurance companies do offer veterinary insurance cover for pet rabbits which can help towards the costs of veterinary treatment.

Consideration also needs to be given to where the rabbit will be placed - a rabbit cage or hutch is rather large and requires space in a fairly peaceful location, that offers some protection from the weather elements.

In addition it will be necessary to make plans for someone else to care for the rabbit when away, eg during family holidays, etc and if there are no friends or family that can undertake to look after the rabbit during these times then it may be necessary to pay to board the rabbit elsewhere or pay a pet sitter to pop over each day to look after the rabbit.

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