Myxomatosis is a severe viral disease of rabbits that poses a threat to all pet rabbits.

About Myxomatosis

Myxomatosis is a severe viral disease that can be transmitted by biting insects such as fleas, mosquitoes, mites, etc carrying the Myxoma virus as well as direct contact with infected rabbits or hares.

Myxomatosis is most often fatal and affected rabbits often die within 2 weeks of contracting the disease.

Symptoms Of Myxomatosis

The symptoms of the classic form of Myxomatosis are runny eyes developing into severe conjunctivitis that results in blindness, swollen genitals, swelling in the head, thick pus discharge from the nose, swollen eyes and lumps on the body.

Treatment For Myxomatosis

Myxomatosis is most often fatal and as the disease causes severe suffering euthanasia is usually recommended upon diagnosis.

Prevention Of Myxomatosis

Pet rabbits can be, and should be, vaccinated against Myxomatosis. Rabbits can be vaccinated as young as 6 weeks of age and any rabbit should be vaccinated against Myxomatosis annually. However, rabbits should not be vaccinated when pregnant. Vaccination against Viral Haemorrhagic Disease must not be done within 2 weeks of vaccination against Myxomatosis.

Although vaccinated rabbits may still contract Myxomatosis, the disease is much less severe in vaccinated rabbits and it may simply result in the rabbit being a bit unwell or developing a lump on the skin. In vaccinated rabbits Myxomatosis is often treatable and rarely fatal.

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