The Cost Of Keeping A Rabbit

Before buying a rabbit it is important to consider how much it costs to keep a rabbit so check out our guide to the average costs involved in owning a rabbit.


A rabbit will require a hutch, or indoor cage if the rabbit is to be kept as a house rabbit, along with water bottle and food dish and this initial equipment is the largest cost in owning a rabbit. A rabbit hutch will cost £150-£300 and an indoor cage will cost £50-£80. The size of hutch or cage required will depend on the size and number of rabbits to be kept and the larger the hutch or cage the higher the cost. If the hutch does not include a run, a separate outside rabbit run can cost £60-£100. Water bottles and food dish will cost around £10.


Rabbits require a constant supply of grass or hay and this may need to be supplemented with a grain or pellet diet. This should be expected to cost approximately £10-£20 per month per rabbit depending on the size of the rabbit.

In addition a rabbit will need to be fed vegetables and unless growing your own all year round, these will need to be bought and can cost an extra £10-£20 per month per rabbit.


Woodshavings will be needed to cover the floor of the rabbit hutch or cage and can cost £5-£15 per month depending on the size of the cage or hutch.


If the rabbit is a house rabbit then it will need to be provided with a litter tray and litter. The amount of litter needed will cost approximately £10-£15 a month.

Vets Fees And Insurance

Rabbits needs to be vaccinated annually against VHD and Myxomatosis and these vaccinations can cost around £30-£40.

Veterinary treatment when a rabbit is ill can be costly but it is possible to take out pet insurance for rabbits to cover vets fees in the event of illness and injury suffered and this can cost £6-£15 per month.


Spaying or neutering will be necessary if keeping mixed sexed rabbits together to prevent them from breeding or if keeping two male rabbits together to prevent fighting. However, spaying or neutering a rabbit can also benefit health and temperament, so may be considered even if not keeping mixed sexed rabbits or two male rabbits together. Spaying or neutering a rabbit can cost £50-£100.


Microchipping can help in recovering an escaped, lost or stolen rabbit and can cost £15-£20.

Extra Costs

Although the main regular costs of keeping a rabbit are listed above there are always unexpected costs that occur. In addition it is often necessary to purchase health products for minor ailments, replace equipment, etc. All such costs can mount up over a year and add to the cost of owning a rabbit. Therefore it is always best to factor in an additional cost of £100-£150 per annum for extras when working out whether keeping a rabbit can be afforded.

Summary Of Costs Of Owning A Rabbit

The table below gives a summary of the average annual costs involved in keeping one rabbit. If keeping more than one rabbit together, as it is recommended to do, then the costs will be double with the exception of the equipment costs as the rabbits will share equipment although these costs will be towards the higher end of the range given as a larger hutch would need to be purchased than for keeping a single rabbit.


One-Off Costs

Annual Costs


£160 - £310


Spaying / Neutering

£50 - £100



£15 - £20


Food & Hay


£240 - £480

Woodshavings / Litter


£60 - £180



£30 - £40



£72 - £180



£100 - £150


£210 - £430

£502 - £1,030

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